Sunday, February 15, 2009

Distressed Treasure Hunt

I was at my favorite kind of sale recently ... one where you really have to dig! At one point, I was literally up to my waist in cardboard boxes, happily digging through the mounds of dust and papers. I stood on a chair and took this picture to give an idea of what lengths I'll go to to find the best stuff for my customers. When I left, I had four boxes filled to the brim with every sort of ephemera you could imagine.
After the sale, I placed my boxes at the curb, so I could bring the car around to load up. As I was turning the car around, I watched in horror as another car backed over the boxes! When I got out, I exclaimed, "You ran over my stuff!" Those who know me, know that I rarely get that animated. The passenger, who had been let out before the driver backed over the boxes, bellowed, "Well, they were in the street!" As the driver was leaving the car, I pointed out that the right front tire was still on a pile of things. While he moved the car, the female passenger added, "Well, he didn't see it!" As they both left the scene of the crime, I offered, most uncharacteristically, "An apology would be nice." So there I was ... left at the curb alone to clean up the flattened remains of my treasure hunt. Now on the plus side, most of what I found *was* paper, so not everything got ruined. And I guess I can honestly say everything was distressed ... including me!


  1. Oh my goodness Trina!! What a nightmare!! Next time you ahd better call a friend!!:) Hugs!

  2. You know that I love to help you and I make a very scarey guard dog!!!

    So what all did you find??????
    See You soon!