Sunday, August 16, 2009

Limited supply journaling ... and ezine

I've been working in my art journal a lot the past few weeks. When I go on vacation, I like to pack lightly when it comes to my art supplies, believe it or not! I love the challenge of finding things to work with each day. I made these pages with my trusty glue stick and bag of pens, pencils and markers plus random freebie newspapers, magazines, foil gum wrappers and craft paint from the thrift shop. As much as I love my collection of papers and supplies at home in my studio, I find it rather liberating and relaxing to use whatever I have on hand or find on a given day; I don't waste time looking for the "perfect" element. It's a great exercise!
I created the background with crayons, thick markers and a little cheap paint.
This page used a lot of pieces from a freebie newspaper and vacation guide.
I used mostly crayons and a big white poster paint marker on this one. I was inspired by a beach bag I saw that day.
This page had the animals already on it ... I just gave them pattern and colors. Then I tore some images from a freebie newspaper, glued it on and continued the pattern onto the journal page with marker and crayons.
I recently started Teresa McFayden's "A Journal of Interest" e-zine Even though the original session has ended, I've been reading at least one entry each day. Beautiful ideas, very inspirational. If you're into art journaling, I recommend it!

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  1. Beautiful work!! I am getting a book ready to take with us to the beach! We leave for the OBX on Saturday!! NO hurricane!! YIPPEEE!!!!!
    Are you back in town??
    Are you still looking for vintage phonograp[h albums- saw a huge stash of vintage childrens 33's and LP's yesterday 1 each????? Let me know and I can tell you where they are!!