Saturday, August 1, 2009

Snowmen in August

I made these little snowmen recently for a magazine submission. I couldn't decide if I wanted to submit something for this challenge, and went back and forth about it. I had so much going on at the time they were due, but I had the idea (which is half the battle, don't you think?) and decided I wouldn't be happy with myself if I didn't at least try. But the deadline for the acceptance notification has come and gone with no word (shucks!), so I thought it would be OK to share them now. I'm still glad I made the effort.
They were created with fusion paper (made with paper napkins, paper towels, hand painted paper, glitter), then sewn and embellished with vintage costume jewelry and strips of old sweater and old silk sari. The faces were painted on with gesso and magic marker.
I'm at the beach (yay!) but even these little guys won't melt here.

1 comment:

  1. Well Theyar e just adorable and will make great gifts!!! They will be wonderful hanging on a tree!!
    Are you in SC again?????
    Boy do you move around alot!!