Friday, September 18, 2009

Sewing Saga

I took a wonderful class with Mary Kerr this week at Artistic Artifacts The challenge was to create a small quilt using a surprise kit of vintage blocks, buttons and trims. It involved working with mostly fabric; fortunately my kit included an old pattern so I was able to work in some paper as well! The first step was to layout our piece. When it came time to sew, I was trying to wind a bobbin and on the third try, I forgot to put down the little piece that holds the bobbin in place and when I hit the gas, there was an awful noise (that everyone in the class heard!) and the casing popped out and the needle broke. I thought I was dead in the water, but Judy, the proprietress of the store, was kind (and brave!) enough to let me use her machine! I was pretty tickled with the end result. This is a great way to honor treasured vintage family linens and sewing notions. Thanks for a great class, Mary!

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  1. You need to be using that poor amchine more often- you will get it down!! i had no idea that you were also in the class- Sorry that I could not make it!!!! Your quilt is gorgeous- anxious to see it in person!! Judy is a star and there is nothing that you could do witha machine that she has not done herself!!!! Great job!!