Monday, October 26, 2009

Classes with Donna Downey

This past weekend, I took 3 classes with Donna Downey at Scrapdoodles in Fredericksburg, Va Donna was a hoot and the projects were so charming. Didn't finish all the projects, but had a ball and I know I'll get them done eventually. Here is a sneak peek ...

And speaking of Donna, her company contacted us about doing some advertising on her site and e-newsletter ... I was so tickled. So we're going to be working with them. We'll keep you posted.

While I was unpacking my suitcase of supplies, I was overjoyed to find my favorite pair of scissors that I've had since art school and thought I'd lost at Art & Soul in May! They'd fallen between the lining and the side of the suitcase (literally, it's a suitcase on wheels). I've put my name on them in case they get any more crazy ideas and told them to cut it out!

And lastly, I've been super busy posting some of the treasure hunt finds to the store. They've been selling almost as fast as I can post them, but don't lose heart ... there's plenty (and I mean P-L-E-N-T-Y) to go around ... I'm posting everyday so keep checking back.


  1. Love the projects and I am so glad you had a good time!


  2. So glad that you ahd a good time down south here in Fredericksburg!! Your projects are adorable and the news about working with Donna Downey's folks is so exciting!! I have met someone here in Fredericksburg who you need to meet! She is a vendor at Silver Bella!!!!
    talk to you soon!