Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holiday production

I've started making my spool trees for a couple of boutiques around town. Love making things for the holidays, but it means my work space will be a disaster area for the next two months! I've got fabric and ribbons and beads and trims and dogs and sparkles all over the place! Yes, dogs ... over 8 rooms in this house and they both have to be within 2 feet of me! Well, there are worse things than being loved I guess. (Don't think I've introduced Allie ... that's her asleep next to the chair. We call her the saint because she's such a good dog). Meanwhile, Daisy is snuggling with the fabric.


  1. Trina, these are beautiful! Love the pic of he fur baby in your work space...sweet!


  2. Trina! Your trees are fabulous!! What would we do without our dogs- let's see, vaccum alot less, not worry about picking dog hairs off of our clothes, get alot less unconditional love- think that I will keep mine!!!!
    So glad that Daisey is happy with her bed!!

  3. SUper cute picture of your dogs...mine our the exact same way (I have 3). My husband calls them "my Pose"

  4. hi,

    these are so cute. i saw the article in Somerset magazine. What size were those?