Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beginning to look at lot like Christmas ...

Got the Charlie Brown CD playing and the sewing machine fired up! Here's the forest of trees I've made so far. Would like to make another 20 this weekend. Someone asked how tall they are ... they average around 12 inches. My trees are being sold online at a lovely boutique that's owned by a friend of mine. She's got an awesome selection of unique items ... check out her site.
And here's Daisy ... I've got fabric, ribbons and trims all over the floor ... she decided to nap on one of the piles!
Happy holiday creating!


  1. Oh, that is just the cute photo I needed today. It truly made me laugh out loud. :)

  2. I love your tree forest and Daisy just looks so cute!

  3. YOu are really rocking and rolling!!! Trees are beautiful!! Leslie Brier (you met her at Art and Soul this year- the gal with the hand forms) will ahve her things at Hillary's Shop as well!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THe shot of Daisy Girl!! How did she do at the kennel when you were in FLA??