Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't Throw it Away!!!

Hello and happy 6th day of Christmas! I'm doing a little "12 Days of Christmas" piece in my journal ... it was all very serendipitous as I drew 12 squares on a random page a few weeks ago (I believe I got the idea from Pam Garrison's blog) and it happened that page came up right around Christmas, so I've been having fun filling in those squares.
And speaking of journals, oh my gosh, I just had to share this! This morning I popped my journal, pencils and the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors into my studio recycling bin because I wanted to carry it all down to the kitchen along with a huge load of laundry, so I was consolidating. Well, one thing led to another and I had to leave before I emptied my bin. When I got home, I found my bin sitting on the garage steps ... EMPTY! My heart jumped and I ran to the outside trash bin, then to my studio, then it finally dawned on me to check the big recyclying bin ... and there was my journal, hiding amongst the empty cereal and saline solution boxes! Only after I rescued it and the CPS magazine, did I realize the irony of the big headline on the cover of the current issue ... "Don't Throw It Away!"
PS - I found out who the culprit was and I really can't blame her as it *was* in the recycling bin!
PS#2 - We've been posting a ridiculous amount of new stuff to the store ... hop on over and check it out!

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  1. That was scarey enough to get my heart racing!!! Phew!!!!! That is little bit too mch multitasking!!!!
    Happy New Year!! Blue Moon Tonight!!