Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Your Typical Day Book

Wow, been awhile since last post. Had a bit of a family medical emergency the last couple weeks, but things are much better now. So I was watching a very interesting program last evening about cutting-edge "green" technologies. It was really quite fascinating. And when they got to the part about all the stuff that's tossed into a landfill, that got me thinking that in a very small way, we're doing our part to keep things out of those landfills. Some of the goodies we find are recognizable "treasures" by the average person. But a lot more of what we uncover is that stuff that is overlooked, bent, wrinkled, smudge, old, stained, probably headed for the trash ... and just plain wonderful in our eyes. So we wanted to thank all of you for your appreciation of these rescued items and to thank you for doing your part to keep these wonderful treasures "alive". In that spirit (wow, I'm rambling) I wanted to share this book I started a few weeks ago and just got around to binding yesterday. The idea for this was to create a journal using the flotsam and jetsam from a typical, average day. Included are envelopes from the mail, a cereal box, a pasta box, some pages from a local newspaper and a page from a magazine. All stuff that was headed for the recycling bin. The binding even includes a piece of nylon rope that was found during that day's dog walk. I love, love, love making little journals and books and this was a breeze and great fun.


  1. Me love this little book. So unique and cool. It looks like something I would make myself.
    Blessings, peace, and love!

  2. Very cute! I am all about the "green" aspect of what we do. In fact, I named my business [ReDeemed] unique art (with a tagline of reform, reuse, recycle, redeem). I love taking trash and making treasures!

    How did you do the binding?

  3. Oh i LOVE Junque journals and have started several! Key word started- none finished- maybe with inspiration from you- I will finsih one!!