Monday, February 8, 2010

Journal Journey

Today I sent the very first art journal I ever made for submission consideration to Somerset's "Art Journaling" magazine. I've had the idea that I would submit it for over a year, and today was the day (deadline is Feb 15th). So with a great deal of angst, I hugged it tightly in its Priority Mail box and whispered "Come back to me safely" and put it in the mail box. Sigh. So it's done.


  1. Oh yea!!! Can't wait to see it in the 'zine soon. Sharon

  2. Don't fret!! It will be back but it will also be shared in an upcoming Art Journal Mag as well! Of that I am sure!!!
    Amazing that you actually got to the PO today!!! We are still unplowed and here comes storm #2!!!!!
    Careful what we wish for!!
    Stay warm!

  3. Oh, Good luck with your submission! I can't wait to see if you end up in print!