Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New project

Between shoveling and processing orders (we're caught up thru Feb 12, folks!) I had a great need to create. A few weeks ago I learned about an online class by Mary Ann Moss called "Remains of the Day Journal"
I read about it on Pam Garrison's blog
I paid for it about 2 weeks ago and just yesterday I finally started the class! And OH MY GOSH! If you're a fabric and paper hoarder, this is the class for you! I finished my first cover last night (I say first because once I started going thru my stash, I pieced together 4 more!)Gonna go stitch just a little more tonight ...

1 comment:

  1. Your cover is beautiful Trina!!! great job! I ahve been hearing about this class for quite awhile and I am sooo tempted- might have to join you!! Have fun stitching away- careful thoughcollecting fabric is so totally consuming- I have plenty to share!!!!In fact I am off to GW to look for white silk shirts to deconstruct!!!!! got to get out of the house!!!