Friday, March 5, 2010

Soldering mystery revealed

Today I FINALLY took a soldering class and the mysteries of this artform were revealed to me! I've been wanting to learn for quite awhile, and now just seemed the right time. The steps are not complicated. It's the skill part. I've heard once you've learned the basics, you have to practice, practice, practice! Sally Jean Alexander certainly doesn't need to worry about any competition from me!
I have plans for this little guy ... stay tuned for the big reveal. In the meantime, I'm looking around at things in a whole new way ... if I can stick copper tape to it, I can solder it!


  1. Trina, you did a great job! I have a brand new soldering kit (I have had it for a YEAR) and have been a bit afraid to try it so you have inspired me!


  2. Oh goodness look out world......!!!!!!!!! Iw isht aht I had known that you had a yen to learn, I could have worked with you on this years ago!!!!! Glad that you ahve learned the basics!! DO you ahve a good soldering iron with a temp regulator??? The tools sometimes can greatly ease frustration! get in touch if you run into any problems!!!!

  3. Hi Trina...
    What a lovely pendant! Love that jaguar!

  4. You have truly inspired me. Quite awhile back I bought a soldering tool, tape, the works and just can't get brave enough to try it. This may hopefully give me the boost I need. thanks, bonnie