Monday, June 28, 2010

Country Living watch!

Well, it's official. I actually saw the picture of my watch on page 32 in the July issue of Country Living magazine while standing in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store! I can't believe my work, let alone my name, is in a well-known magazine that you can find in just about any store that sells magazines! What a thrill!
That's mine at the top. The watches are being sold through the Chick's Picks boutique ( Hillary says they're doing well so far ... so much so that I'm working on them while on vacation. But honestly, it's not really "work". It's so much fun to make these little jingley timepieces out of vintage and recycled treasures. It's The Paper Flea Market philosophy, after all!


  1. I saw it yesterday and was drooling over it and sooooo happy for you!

  2. Oh Wow!! I am so excited for you. And it is a great piece. Good for you.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I do love the watch!! If it was me- I'd have been too excited in the groc. store! Everyone around me would know it too! So happy for you!! Have a great day and enjoy your "fame"!!!
    God Bless,

  4. that must be an exciting feeling! :)

    and i found you b/c i saw you in one of the sommerset mags, i think it was, while in the bookstore yesterday! :)

  5. Trena, I saw this watch while waiting for a CT scan at the hospital---I love,love, love this watch---but when I went to the site, it says no longer available to order. The charm of the watch is in it's vintage look. I want to purchase one so bad. Will you be making more?
    Love your work,

  6. I want one of these-but the site says unavailable-can't order. I love this, because it's so vintage, charming, and a watch, too.
    Gotta have this--are you making more? When will they be available? Read this in the mag while in ER. Thanks so much, Wendy