Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Journal love ...

Last evening, I wrote the last words on the last page of my ledger journal … and I’m kinda sad about it … it’s been like a good friend since last November and I’m going to miss it …
As the number of blank pages grew smaller, I was thinking about which book to use next. And I kept feeling like I should use one that I’ve made. So I've selected this one which I made earlier this year when I took the online class "Remains of the Day" by Mary Ann Moss http://dispatchfromla.typepad.com/dispatch_from_la/rotdoci.html
I admit it doesn't feel 100% "right" (the pages are smaller, there are fewer actual pages, the format is completely different ...,) but I guess it’s kind of like a relationship … it’s hard to jump right into a new one with certainty when the prior one has literally just ended. So good bye old friend ... and welcome new :)


  1. You have certainly taken this journal thing by storm Trina!!!! Youa re so good to be doing it so frequently. When I grow up, can I be You?????? Love that you are using the new one that you made!!! Hugs!

  2. Your ledger journal looks great! In the past, I've passed on empty ledgers (even if they're old) thinking that people only wanted the chock-full of filled pages. You've opened my eyes! Thanks.