Monday, August 23, 2010

A st"inky" day

Have you ever put clothes in the dryer, turned it on and heard a clank-clank-clank sound and figured it was just a button or zipper banging against the side? So after a few minutes, you decide maybe you should check it out and when you open the door you find a pair of glasses? And then you look closer and you see a broken ballpoint pen? And then you see the ink all over the towels? And then you see the ink all over the inside of the dryer?
I have.
That's what happened to me yesterday. Rather than be upset, I was grateful it wasn't worse and that at least I had a home with a dryer in which I could do laundry ... there's a big long back-story behind this, but I won't go into it now ...
So, needless to say, didn't get too much done in the store today. But wanted to write and decided I needed to share another journal entry (this from last week). Summer ... it's winding down way too soon ...

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