Friday, October 15, 2010

Nifty finds

Took a break from the tablecloth today to go to one of my favorite annual rummage sales! To give you an idea of scale, I was there from 10 til 2:30 and still felt a bit rushed! So here are a few of my finds ... Love the box of shiny red anagrams
A vintage Brenda Starr hardback ... look at the endpapers ... shwish-shwoo, Brenda!
And 2 things that won't be posted on the store, but I'm so giddy over finding them that I just had to share ...
This fabulous "Rij-o-matic" wooden ironing board (it will go great with a little old i'rn, as the checkout dude prounounced it, I found a few weeks ago) ... Daisy's thinking, what is this thing?!
And this perfectly rusted out old what-I-think-once-was-a-cooler ... it's oversized and will be perfect to store rolls of vintage wallpaper ;)

1 comment:

  1. oh great stuff!!! Daisey is leaning a bit away from the ironing board- too funnny. That rusted cooler will be perfect for all of your wall paper rolls!!! Enjoy this beautiful fall weekend!!!!