Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ga-ga for garland

Been playing around with more garland. Got this idea from the holiday issue of Country Living magazine. The base of this garland is a piece of twine. And tied to it is about a jillion strips of scrap cloth! My mom and I made this one. We especially liked the shimmer created by the sparkly tulle and metallic double knit polyester material! I see more of these in my future ... they're not just for Christmas ... wouldn't this be beautiful on the pews for a wedding?!


  1. Such fun!!! Would be great for Valentines with some red and pink strips thrown in. Black and orange for Halloween, Purple and Yellow for easter, and......and.......

  2. Hi Trina, the lovely Julie said some nice things about your blog and i followed her link. I agree its a lovely blog. my first lovely find of the new year. thanks for sharing such lovely things.
    happy new year