Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So much stuff!

Oh my gosh this studio-clearing is a big task! Yesterday and today I unloaded bookshelves full of stuff and made big piles on the floor in order to swap those shelves with some others in the house. At one point I was feeling pretty frustrated ... how did I ever accumulate so much stuff?!?! At that point, I just walked away and got a sandwich. When I came back, energized, I realized that this task is akin to losing weight ... I didn't bring it all in on one day, so it's going to take more than a day to sift through it, purge and reorganize. I'm hoping to get a comfy chair back in here ... that's kinda keeping me going.
OK, enough of my whining ... as a result of all the taking covers off boxes and founding out what the heck is in there(!), I've posted a lot more stuff to the store (including 20 more French fashion sketches). Hop on over and take a look. And, thanks!

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  1. IT truely is frustrating and over whelming!!! I also am working toward putting in a comfy chair and my space is twice the size of yours!!! I bet that you will get there before I do also!! Bonne Chance, dear girl!!!