Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 2

I "refluffed" this morning ... if you see anything you like that's not on the site, lemme know ... it might just still be available!
Posting these soon ...
Made by me ... these are going on Etsy soon ... will be doing a store launch announcement later this week ...
I did a post last year about seeing a young girl at a local sandwich shop dressed all in pink wearing her ballet tutu and longed for the ability to wear such a frilly skirt in public. Well, I'm tickled to say I did it! This is a very flouncy crinoline that has been hand dyed a lovely shade of pale blue and it makes the most awesome skirt! The gorgeous jacket is also a vintage piece that has been hand dyed. Both pieces are from Wendy at "Rough and Tumble". I sat across from her booth and could not stop staring at the **FABULOUS** clothing she had for sale (at very reasonable prices I might add). Wendy frequently has a booth at the Brooklyn Flea Market (anybody been? sounds like a roadtrip to me!) Here's a link to her FB page:
Wendy's booth ... see what I mean?!?
Thanks to everybody who stopped by. It's such a joy to meet like-minded souls who love paper and other fun old stuff!

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  1. Well look at you , you glorious girl you!!! The Frilly skirt is fabulous- it is amazing waht a bit of dye can do to things!! Love the look!! Sounds like you ahd a blast at the Flea- I need some advanced warning! When is the next date????