Tuesday, March 8, 2011


For over a year, I've been wanting to make a "squish pot". It's like doing mosaics, only you use a thick layer of adhesive grout and then "squish" in whatever you want ... broken china, marbles, coins, keys, buttons, found objects. I chose to use little toys. I found 3 big bags of them at a thrift shop (for 50cents each!) and decided to use those. As you can see, there was quite a variety! I love the dimension, especially the rhino and the globe. The base is a 4-sided glass vase (I discovered after the fact that you need to seal glass somehow ... Kilz was recommended ... or else the grout tends to shift if you move the vase). I've only finished two sides but was excited to share.
If you'd like to get started on one with a toy motif, I've just posted a fun packet of little farm figures from the 1960s. http://www.thepaperfleamarket.com/little-farm-figures.html Fun, fun, fun! Don't you just *love* making stuff?


  1. I can just hear you squealing with delight as you squish things in to the grout!! On first look I htought the pear was a fake nose!! Too Funny!!! This is going to be so cute!!!

  2. Great idea - I have a bunch of old pottery shards found on the property- this would be perfect for them!!