Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brimfield wrap-up

OK, one more post about the cool stuff at Brimfield, then I promise to start showing what I found for all of you! A couple of you asked if I got the desk with the cubbies ... sadly, no. Just no place for it in my recently-reorganized-and-now-not-so-cluttered workspace. I *did*, however, get this awesome US Mail sign ... it's metal and is the kind they used to strap to the top of a car (in rural areas I assume). I may have run out of floor space, but I can still hang things from the ceiling! Also got the mail bag ... in case you can't tell, I've kinda got a thing for post office-related items. Which is why it was hard to pass up this treasure, too ... look at all those beautiful doors and mail cubbies! Loved, loved, loved this street sign, too ... but, alas, no place to put it, so I had to settle for a picture instead. Cool letters were everywhere! And hardware, too ... Got this table ... FOR FREE ... for my friends who paint furniture ... Also met some interesting people ... a man who creates props for the theatre, a charming fellow who makes magnifying glasses using old parasols for the base and a darling young man who plays the violin, sells old bottles and digs for treasure ... more on that soon!

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  1. You must have used your paper bag a couple of times at least!!!! Fabulous wasn't it??? the people are all treasures as well- such wonderful characters all with a love for funky old stuff!!!