Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dig Finds!

While I was in Brimfield, I met the most charming young man who had a booth filled with beautiful old bottles. That's what first drew me in. But after I selected a few bottles to buy, my eye wandered over to the little table with a pile of rusty stuff and a little hand-written sign that read "dig finds". Be still my heart! I asked the young man about these, and he said that he and his friends like to go out and dig up old things. Well, I told him that I had friends who like to *buy* old things, so I just got myself a great big pile of rusted metal, broken bits of combs and kitchen utensils, some kerosene lamp parts, a sardine tin and even some ceramic bottle stoppers. There were 2 fantastic almost-completely-rusted-out license plates that I passed on, but now I'm kinda regretting that. Anybody interested in those? He said there's always more inventory, and I said great! So hop on over and take a look at some of these incredible finds. If you like them, I will get more!

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