Friday, September 9, 2011

{Distress Sale}

I'm having a {Distress Sale} because, frankly, I'm distressed! We've been having rain like you wouldn't believe here and yesterday I found water pouring in the basement door. See that shiny stuff? That's water coming out of my soaking wet rug!
Long story short, I've been cleaning out the storage area and have determined I have more treasures than I can post in a year. So I'm offering medium treasure boxes for $10 + $10.95 Priority Mail flat rate shipping (the USPS has to get their share). Each box will be filled to the gills with miscellaneous goodies that survived the flood! (I promise they won't be wet)


  1. Sorry to hear you are getting so rained on!

  2. Oh No!!!! Your glorious room flooded!!! Really ??? I am so so sorry!!!!