Monday, December 5, 2011

The power of a punch card

Today I sold the very last computer punch card. This is significant for me because this was *the* item that got the wheels in my brain turning and launched the store! I found the cards at an estate sale in the basement of a small house and bought a few. After I left the sale, I kept wondering what would happen to those hundreds and hundreds(!) of cards, would they end up in the trash, could I use that many in my lifetime? Then I got to thinking that if I liked them that much, maybe other mixed-media artists would, too. So I called the guy who had held the sale and asked what was going to happen to all the leftover items. He said he and his crew were cleaning out the house the next day (cleaning out = throwing out). I asked if I could come back and get the cards and he said, sure. And the rest is history. So, thanks, little punch cards ... we've both come a long way :)


  1. Wow!
    I remember when my sister and I used to put boxes of the used cards into our trunks in the winter to keep us from fishtailing down the highway.
    Now I wish I'd kept a few boxes of them...

  2. GREAT story! And I have quite a few of those cards from you - it's the circle of life! :D