Monday, February 6, 2012

Shopping in the country on a chilly day

There's a big Groundhog Day sale at one of my favorite shops every year, and I usually miss it. But this year I decided to drive myself on over and check it out. Wow ... Lots of it was outside and let me tell ya, it was chilly! I saw a girl dressed in just a blouse, skinny jeans and boots ... carrying a sign that read "Bring Back Common Sense". Made me chuckle ... where's the camera when you need it? Anyhoo, just wanted to share my afternoon with you. Enjoy!
Got the newspaper box! (did NOT pay $59)
I've been collecting these old vases for awhile for no other reason than I find them irresistable. A great idea for getting them out of the box and start using!


  1. cool stuff! i see all sorts of tempting buys in these pictures ;) (i love checking out the monthly flea market in Nashville, Tennessee, about an hour from where i live.)

  2. Hey!! Love your new banner and the New Name!!! You must have been chilly out there- it was really breezy. I am missing a good snow however- bet you are too!!! Was $59 really the asking price on that paper box?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Cool! This was not Lucketts was it?