Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Art journal saga. Part 2

This is the chapter in which I am so distracted about losing my journal that I accidentially mail my idea notebook to California, then find my journal. And buy someone a cookie.

FOUND! Turns out my journal was playing a really good game of hide + seek. It was found this afternoon by the service advisor *under* the driver's seat of my car! I was so happy I bought him a cookie. My cheeky little journal, on the other hand ... I think I'll put it on a leash ... or at the very least put my name + # inside. Relief.

Before all this euphoria, however, I was still very distracted about my journal. So much so that when I was at the post office boxing up a customer's order, I absent-mindedly packed my idea notebook! I didn't realize this until after I left the post office and was looking for my notebook. When I went into the post office, it was in my bag. When I left, it wasn't. So ... there's a customer in California who is going to get a surprise (and an e-mail from me tonight!) What is wrong with me? Egads!


  1. So very glad that you found your journal!!! We missed Paper Flea market at ART and SOUL!!! BUt it looks like you were well entertained in FLA!!

  2. I'm so glad you found your journal. There is nothing worse than that awful sinking feeling you get when you lose something so precious to you like that. Make the fact that you sent your idea book to the person fun by asking them to put an idea in it as a contributor? I call being a mom in general enough of a distraction for me to do stuff like that!