Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer travel

My summer's off to a fabulous start ... how 'bout yours? It's July 1st and I've already put almost 1,500 miles on the car. Currently in South Carolina ... came by way of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina (have I ever mentioned that I *love* to drive?) So that's why I haven't posted much lately (although if you want to follow me on Facebook at "Trina + The Paper Flea", you'll find more frequent updates ... there's a link for it down there on the lower right ... see it?)

A few highlights along the way ...

 Saw Chinese lanterns floating across the sky while at a party in Michigan ... (I admit this isn't my photo ... the camera on my iPhone didn't do them justice)

Stopped for the absolute best BBQ in North Carolina (take exit 59 off I-40 ... I had to go a little out of my way but it was worth it) Ribs n fried okra n hushpuppies topped off with an iced tea. Yummm-eeee!

Saw the Great Smokey Mountains (albeit only from the car) in Tennessee ... what a sight!

And the road eventually led me here ... ahhh ... two weeks of beach, sun, biking, journaling, treasure hunting and other adventures!

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