Monday, May 20, 2013

Brimfield 2013

Spent 3 days treasure hunting in Brimfield last week ... and spent the last 24 hours unpacking, napping and scrubbing the dirt from under my fingernails. In other words, I had a great time! Here are just a few highlights ...
 Look at all those yummy cubbies!

A collection of the simplest objects is divine!

 Went inside a teepee made of lace and found darling lace dresses and other frilly things made by the girls of Rodeo Royalty Road Show

 Colorful French pottery and enamelware ...

 Leopard arms on an orange vinyl chair? Oh yeah, you see everything here!

Spent an hour digging through these paper goods ...


I got to drive the truck home this time. I went with my dear girls from The Barn on Sweetwood who buy big stuff so that's why we have the truck. The drive is much sweeter with the world's best whoopie pie from the Queen's Taste (pastries to read English Mysteries by!) and a piece of truck-driving ephemera found just hours earlier!

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