Tuesday, July 29, 2014

London: a travel blog

Spent last week in London! Will be revisiting some of my favorite moments thru pictures over the next few days. Come travel with me...

Day 1 (more like Day 1-1/2 because I didn't sleep on the flight over and we arrived in the am). London. Cruise on the River Thames, British Museum (I got chills when I saw the Rosetta Stone), the V&A Museum (I could have spent days in there) and dinner at Covent Garden.
The London Eye

Renting a bike is a great way to see the city; just remember to ride on the left!

Stumbled across a used prints and book sale

Tower Bridge

The artist in me appreciated this...

...and the type-nerd in me loved this! (The Rosetta Stone at The British Museum)

The V&A is a treasure trove of inspiration. And these are just the trays at the cafe! (love William Morris)

Outside the V&A in the courtyard

Had Pimms and a scone outside at the V&A

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