Monday, August 18, 2014

London travel journal

So 3 weeks after returning from London, I finally finished my travel journal. Here's a glimpse ...

Made the journal while I was at the beach before the London trip. Cover was made with cardboard I had on hand that I then painted.

Interior covers were made with beautiful Japanese papers I picked up at a thrift shop!

Beautiful map of London plus skyline tape that I got at the Tate Modern

Old umbrella flash card is a must for a London journal.

Picture of lovely fabric from a Cath Kidston catalog.

Ticket stubs and picture postcards.

Binding using bits of fabric scraps

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  1. You went to London !! Lucky Girl!! i know you had a wonderful time!! Love your journal!!! miss you! Would love to plan a meet up to catch up, after school starts!! Becca will be a Senior and Matt has GRADUATED from MASON!!!! I have not seen you in 4 years!!! That is ridiculous!!! Must change!!