Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Create a Paper Collage Fox in 7 Easy Steps!

Step 1 | Draw a fox

Step 2 | Trace drawing onto tracing paper, cut out and use as a pattern to create shapes on your base paper. Cut out base shapes.

Step 3 | Select scraps of paper in a unified color theme (I chose shades of orange), cut into smaller pieces and glue onto base shapes. (It's ok if the pieces extend beyond the edges)

Step 4 | Trim any overhanging pieces back to the base shape when you're done collaging. I decided the papers I chose conflicted too much, so I applied a light coat of white paint to unify them (note the difference between the body above and the tail below)

Step 5 | Cut out cheeks and tail tip from a light-colored paper and attach. Cut out legs from a contrasting dark-colored paper and attach. Reassamble body and glue to background (I glued right over my original drawing; I like how some of the pencil marks are still visible) 

Step 6 | 
Draw eyes; cut out and attach a small circle for the nose and two triangles for the inside of the ears. I outlined the cheeks with pencil.

Step 7 | Sit back and admire your darling new fox friend!

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