Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Art journaling weekend wrap-up

Sharing some pages from my journal. I just can't stop painting and pasting and doodling! Thanks Pam and Jennifer and Donna and all my new AFFs (yeah I've made it a thing now) for a dream weekend!

A very graphic cover ... a bit outside my comfort zone, but we were encouraged to try new things and not overthink.

But vintage wallpaper, however ... *definitely* in my comfort zone.
Paint and doodling and wallpaper and tape ... love!
Trying neon with doodles ...
On the other end of the spectrum ... black ink + blue + a bit of water = a monotone/duotone feel that I'm loving
I fully embraced the neon and am LOVING it!

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  1. Love those pages! The one with the black ink, especially stands out, and I'm like you - that's not my usual style but it really grabs the eye. :-)