Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What color is your dot?

Over the weekend I was fortunate to attend a wonderful event called Hub Dot. Founded in 2012 by Simona Barbieri, Hub Dot has grown from a small group of women who turned up for a coffee around her kitchen table to a global phenomenon with over 8000 members and events planned in several cities around the world. 

Hub Dot is about cross pollination of ideas, talent, support and friendships. And stories. It’s about the unique way that women are able to help + connect with one another through story-telling, a place where they can connect with others in a way that inspires. 

At each event, attendees are asked to wear a colored dot based on what they are feeling right then. 

The Dots offer the freedom to explore and start conversations and ask “what is your story? ” instead of “what do you do?” 

reddot home
Red:I’m established (in my career/business/motherhood)
yellowdot home
Yellow: I have an idea, can anyone help?
greendot home
Green: I’m here to be inspired
bluedot home
Blue: I’m here to socialize
purple dot
Purple: I want to tell you about … (my story/my work/my charity)

I encourage you to find out more at http://www.hubdot.com/

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