Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 4 in Paris

Day 4. More markets in the morning! Even more wonderful finds to be had. My bag was bursting with books! Felt the need for a relaxing afternoon, so went to the big beautiful public "jardin" with 2 of my new FFFs (flea friends forever) That's what I'm calling them. Or maybe FFFF (French flea friends forever)... We took bread and cheese and fruit and olives and Coca-Cola Light and had a lovely picnic with our fellow Parisienne. And read. And journaled. We heard a live band sitting in a gazebo playing the theme song from "Bewitched". We fought hard to keep our little green chairs...when one of us got up for any reason, someone ran over and asked if it was free. But it was such a lovely day, who could blame them? Everybody wanted to sit and enjoy the day. After that* we sauntered to Notre Dame and attended Mass ... with the arch bishop of Paris ... who's also a cardinal. What a day!!! *We counted and it took less than 45 seconds for our chairs to be claimed.

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