Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Notebooks -n- stuff

This evening, Daisy helped me sort some ribbon ... Last week I was inspired to make a lot of little notebooks because I was a vendor at a local town festival. I used a lot of the papers I've made over the last year, especially fusion and dyed paper towels. It's great when you're ready to make something and you have a good supply of papers on hand! Just wanted to share a few ...


  1. I have the Scrabble one! So cute! I just loved the old board games! :)

  2. That photo of Daisy has to be framed and hung in your studio!! How cute is that!! Can't wait to meet her!!
    Love your books- that binder was a great investment!! i ahve been working on papers lately too- should be doing other things but I jsut lvoe the mess and the easiness of making the papers- No discipline I tell you!!!
    I bet you sold some!!