Friday, June 5, 2009

A collision, keys and creating

You know how a day can start out looking really bad and then through some crazy twist of fate it gets better? Well, that's what happened to me today. On the way home from carpool this morning, I had a collision with the stairs in the garage that lead up to the house (I don't usually park in that garage bay and clearly I didn't realize how far out the steps were compared to how low my car's front fender was). On my way back from the body shop to get an estimate, I stumbled across an esate sale where I found lots and lots and lots of keys! Turns out the homeowner's father was a locksmith back in the '50s and '60s. Wow! I'm offering them in packs of 10 on the store site
I had a great desire to paint some papers this afternoon, so when my little boy got home from school, we had a good 2-hour painting session. I ripped and glued paper, collaged, painted and stenciled five sheets. Some days I just love to create without a real goal in mind ... just for the fun of it.


  1. They turned out great! Sorry to hear about your car trouble. I want to tell you Trina how much I love reading your blog and checking out your shop. In recognition, I'm giving you an award! Please visit my blog to get your award. Happy treasure hunting!

  2. Oppppps i aht it when that Happens! hope that the stairs aren't hurt too badly!!! Glad that you hita sale and had some time to create!! Apint and a playmate solves just about anything!!