Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trinket display

I saw this idea at Vendor Night at Art and Soul last weekend. A woman from Kentucky named TJ had the most awesome old stuff and display ... she had a bunch of pins and keychains and sparkly things pinned to a styrofoam head! I thought what a great way to display all those pretty little things that are tucked away in a paper sack or box in my art room. I figured if I could see what I have, I might actually use it! I was so inspired that I decided I had to make one when I got home.
I couldn't believe my good fortune when I found an old styrofoam wig stand at an estate sale Thursday. When I got home, I immediately got to work. First I sprayed Lysol all over it (you can never be too careful!) then I collaged pieces of dictionary page onto it. I let it dry overnight, then pinned old costume jewelry, key chains and random metal and plastic pieces all over.
Now that it's done, however, I can't decide if I like it or if it's creepy (although I *am* thinking of naming her "Alice" so maybe she's growing on me). Maybe I should have used a Christmas tree shape ... Anybody?


  1. Consideruing how excited you were when you saw TJ's Pin Head, ( I was there, and I heard her squeal, LOL!!!) I think that yo should live with ALice for awhile. I think that she is terrific!! Get some of those pearl stick pins (corsage dept at Joann's or Micheal's) and you will fall in love with her. Don't get too deep into the psychology of the whole thing!!! ALice is AWESOME and you did a wonderful job on her!!!

    Since you found the wig head so easily, I think that you were MEANT to make her!!!

  2. Love Alice, she's is very showy :) Now where did I put that head of mine??? No, seriously, I wonder where I stuck it. Thanks for sharing such a cool display Trina. michelle