Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to Grow Wings journal

This is the journal I made in the class I took with Leslie Riley at Art and Soul. We painted the pages with Golden Fluid Acrylics (her favorite) and did a lot of inkjet transparency transfers using gel medium. We used canvas boards for the covers, but you could really use any old hardback book cover. The covers were connected using fabric and then the pages were sewn in with ribbon. This class was so relaxing ... the bird motif is so timeless and universal ... and one of my favorites.
She gave us a package of faux wings to place in the journal.
This is a gel medium transfer on a painted page. I did some doodling after.
The inside cover is the paper towel I used to clean up my brushes and mess while painting the journal pages. I adhered it with gel medium.


  1. Just beautifult rina!! I want to touch it!! Can't wait to see in person!!!

  2. Trina,
    This is just lovely - the colors are

  3. Hi Trina,
    It was nice meeting you at Judy's. This book is just amazing in person - thanks for sharing it. I'm going to add a link to your store and blog to my blog so I can keep in touch. Linda