Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Very Good Day

As if finding that doll buggy yesterday wasn't enough excitement for the week ... I woke up earlier than usual because I was excited about going to an estate sale at a mid-19th century farmhouse that was the home of a former antique dealer (can you sense why I was so excited?) I found a lot of great paper stuff, but was most tickled about the huge box and album of cigarette cards! They are absolutely beautiful! I also found oodles of postcards, old playing cards, ephemera galore and a beautifully rusted wire basket (like might be used in a barn). I just want to sit in the middle of all my treasures and bask in the glow. Can this day get any better?

1 comment:

  1. Got to LOVE the MEND THESE PANTS envelope- wouldn't you love to know the story!!!Your cigarette cards are wonderful. Let me know if and when you post the floral ones in your shop- I would like a couple if you decide to part with them!! the dog ones a re terrific!!
    When it is pouring like it did for you yesterday, you just have a hard time catching your breath!!!!!