Friday, June 19, 2009

Virtual collection

I was at a church rummage sale a few hours ago (an unusal occurrence on a Friday *evening*) and came across these finds. I love treasures like these but have absolutely no place to put them. So I took these pictures and on the drive home, got the idea that it would be fun to create a virtual collection. I've found many wonderful treasures like this over the years to which I've had to "just say no". But now I'm going to start taking pictures ... this way I can enjoy them without having to store them! (By the way, the mannequin was only 5 dollars! She was worn in some unfortunate places and I think I would have been embarassed to look at her everyday, so it's probably just as well I didn't buy her ... although she would have made a good friend for Alice . For those of you who didn't read that entry, Alice is an embellished styrofoam wig stand!)
If I had a baby clothing store, I'd use these for displays ...

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