Monday, June 15, 2009


I went to a book sale today and ... oh my gosh ... look what I found! Vintage ABC books in English and French and German and several other languages. The images are spectacular. I just sat and stared at some of the pages, they were so beautiful. Then I got to thinking ... I can't bear to part with some of these for the store, but it seems a shame to not share these wonderful images. I've always stressed we only sell originals at the store ... but maybe I should start offering copies of some of the more spectacular finds. Thoughts, anyone?


  1. I think that when you find absolute treasures like this, good quality copies- stated as such of course, would be a wonderful idea. this way more of your customers could share in the joy of working with them!!!
    I know that I would love some copies!!!

  2. Hey, I will buy copies of those! Wow!! What a great find. I have always loved vintage children's books illustrations. Beautiful. Sharon

  3. I love them but what about copyright laws - isn't it anything after 1922?

  4. Wow - these are very special, what a great find. I love vintage children's books and have a thing about ABCs.