Monday, November 2, 2009


Isn't this pretty? I've got a big boo-boo on my middle(!) funger, er, finger on my right hand ... had a kittle, little infection and had to have ut, it, worked on yesterday (I win'tm, won't go into the details ... suffice to say I had to get a tetanus thot, shot ... probably a good idea what with all the scary places I dig around!) So ut's, it's very difficult to otyopm , um, type with this giant bandange, bandage. I'm moving a little slower in generalm, general, so orders may take an extra day or two ... please bear with me :) Thanx!


  1. Trina, you take care of that finger! I hope it gets better quickly!


  2. That looks painful! Hi, I'm new here. Donna mentioned you on her blog and I had no idea you existed! I LOVE the vintage stuff. Good luck w/the finger! I look forward to browsing you blog and your site! Thanks Wendy