Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrating creativity!

I was at my favorite local sandwich shop the other day and sitting a few tables away from me was a little girl about 4 or 5. She was dressed all in pink ... pink shirt with flowers, pink polka-dot leggings, pink sparkly tennies. And topping it all off was the most perfectly flouncy pink tulle tutu I've ever seen.

And it got me thinking ... when do we lose the ability to go out in the world dressed however we want without fear of ridicule? She was wearing what she liked and she was happy. Period.

Then that got me thinking, it's kinda the same way with art. As children, we go along and color the sky green, grass purple and rabbits turquoise. And we're happy with that. Then somewhere along the way, we start to question our choices, our ideas (and maybe even our outfits!)

So celebrate that childlike freedom of creativity! It takes awhile, but I've learned as I get older, that you *can* get some of it back if you just give yourself permission. And having a "Paint-Your-Own-Pottery-Place" creativity wand doesn't hurt either!

PS - That little girl inspired me to go out and buy a flouncy flowered skirt ... well, minus the tulle!


  1. Great Post Trina!!! Hope taht you little pink model can hold on to her wonderful creative spirit!!!!
    I adore flouncy skirts but was always told that I did not hae the right figure for them!!!!! Well phooey to that!!!
    I could make you a tuelle overskirt for yours??!! :) :)

  2. Oh go ahead get the tulle just wear it UNDER the skirt! :)

    I've learned to wear COLOR, nomore black, grey, brown, bring on the RED! :)

    Fun reminder ~ kids ROCK! :)