Monday, May 17, 2010

Inspired with Pam Garrison

Back from my weekend at Inspired and what a wonderful experience it was! The Downeys were delightful hosts. I learned new techniques, made new friends, hunted for treasures at the vendor fair and created fabulous artwork. It was such a treat to be completely immersed in artwork and surrounded by creativity for two whole days! In 48 hours, I took 6 core classes and 2 mini workshops, so I figure that on average, I finished one project every six hours! So I'd like to start sharing ...
My first class was with Pam Garrison (that's her in the photo above using her famous dip pen!) I was delighted to meet her and was thrilled to get to see her journals. I only wish I could have looked at them longer. They are even more beautiful in person! We made covers and a few interior pages for a journal. These are my covers.
An added bonus was that Amy Hanna (of "Rejuvenated Jewels" fame) was Pam's TA! So I got to meet her as well (and purchase one of her beautiful necklaces). And they both signed my journal. Yay, yay, yay! PS - Just got the proof for my article in the upcoming issue of "Art Journaling". As excited as I am, it's kinda scary seeing your thoughts in your handwriting exposed out in the open for all to read! Having a little anxiety at the moment!


  1. You really packed ina ton of classes!! Whata wonderful opportunity and great teachers! It must have been fun to shop at Vendor night and not have to wrry about selling your won stuff!!!
    Don't worrya bout your journal article- it will be wonderful but I do understand your anxiety!!!! it will all be fine!!!
    SEE you SOON!!! YAH!!!

  2. Hi Trina,
    thanks for the note on my blog... and this retreat looks wonderful. congratulations on
    the Art Journaling article and I will REALLY miss
    seeing you at Art and Soul this weekend....!!

  3. I'm a huge fan of Pam Garrison! I took a class from her at Silver Bella in 09 and she had her journals beautiful!
    I just saw your link on Sue's blog (Vintage Rescue) I'm also a Northern Va Girl!
    Congrats on the Art Journaling Magazine!