Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More fashion sketches

Wow! The first set of French fashion sketches I posted sold lickety-split! So I've just posted 10 more. I'll continue to post more in the next few days.
And here's an update on the Sketchbook Project ... I'm just about done! Got the covers and one more spread to do. I like this spread ... I used the little fluted papers that come in a box of chocolates (you can see how many I had to eat ... moo ... although I did have some help from a certain little boy). Anyway, I had my sketchbook in my bag on the floor. Next thing I know, I see Daisy crunching away on something then she heads back toward my bag ... the little snort ate one of the paper wings off my butterfly! (see the one in the upper RH corner is missing a wing?) Guess she couldn't resist the smell of the chocolate. So I fixed it (of course, that meant another chocolate for me ...)

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