Thursday, January 6, 2011

More shtuff!

I loaded up the wagon today ... it's so packed that I was forced to tie sawhorse legs and a tabletop to the roof rack (only time I ever use it is to bring home the Christmas tree!) When my husband came home this evening, he asked when I was going to put the rocking chair on top for Granny ;) I think I'm going to have to make 2 trips. Rolls of yummy vintage wallpaper, a metal dollhouse, oversized calendar pages from the 1950s & a bamboo birdcage ...
... an old croquet set, a vintage metal bread box, an old hatbox from Hechts and some old wire record racks ...


  1. Hello! I recently came across your blog, and I plan on going to the DC Big Flea this weekend. I was wondering if you are bringing some of your retro bottle caps with you?

  2. Or maybe three trips, considering all of the great stuff you will have!! Love the naked lampshade display idea!! I might just have to drive on up and stop by for a visit on Sunday!!! TWIST MY ARM REALLY HARD!!! :) Have a fabulous time!!!!

  3. you ARE a temptress and such a good collector of treasures too!