Saturday, January 8, 2011

day 1

Day 1 at the Big Flea was great fun! Met a lot of wonderful people ... and managed to squeeze in a little shopping thanks to my booth neighbors and a friend who stopped by. Here's my display ...


  1. WOW! Beautiful booth display! Too bad you aren't closer to Oklahoma, I would totally be there to shop!

  2. It was so wonderful to meet you!!! Your booth was such an inspiration and a breath of fresh air!!! My daughter is now hooked and searching ebay for "Tea Cards" to collect :) I had no idea what they def. a history lesson for the both of us :) Thanx again for All the amazing little treasures. Can't wait to visit you and your booth next time. Oxoxox's..Liza

  3. Your displays are always fabulous!! I am so glad that you had a good time and I am sure that yo are exhausted!!! Sorry that I did not get up there to see you!!!Glad that you got some shopping in! I knew that you would figure that out!!!