Sunday, March 27, 2011

Local travel inspiration

I've been following Mary Ann Moss's (or would that be Moss'?) trip through Paris on her blog If you haven't seen her beautiful posts, I highly recommend it! I just loved her images of the everyday sights in Paris and the surrounding neighborhoods (as one of her early entries promises, you won't see any photos of her at the Eiffel Tower). Her awe-inspiring photos made me dream of how wonderful it would be to visit and photograph and journal about Paris ... or somewhere in the US ... or my state ... or maybe somewhere just an hour away ... and then it hit me. Why couldn't I do that in my *own* neighborhood? I bet myself that if I just stopped and looked, I could find some pretty cool things to photograph and to get myself inspired. And maybe, just maybe, my town looks different and exciting and new to someone else out there, and maybe they'd be inspired, too. So with that said, I give you the town of Vienna (Virginia) ...

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  1. I have always loved Mary Ann's Posts and the Paris trip has been pure delight!! You are so right about finding the unusual and beautiful right in our own neighborhoods!!! good for you!!! Great idea!!
    Love your new blog banner!!!!