Thursday, March 24, 2011

Journal + Wallpaper = Love

Been getting the itch to do a LOT more journaling lately ... so I've got my supplies spread out all over the place ... upstairs, downstairs, on my desk, on my nightstand ... just got the urge to cut and paste and doodle and color and write!
I was revisiting an e-workshop I took through Teresa McFayden's website in which Pam Garrison was the guest artist (absolutely A*D*O*R*E her work) ... and was inspired to create these two spreads. See what you can do with a snippet of beautiful vintage wallpaper? Don't have any? Well, I can help with that ... hop on over to the store and get yourself a piece right now! And have fun!


  1. Love it, Love it! So beautiful...good for you for taking some create time!

  2. Love Love Love these!!! MUSt make plans to stop by soon to Shop your paper stash!!!!

  3. beautiful pages! i've been doing lots of art journaling lately fun! xoxo