Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring printing

Happy Spring! Such a nice day, so I decided to do some block printing outside. This set of type blocks was a happy find at an estate sale several years ago and I just love to use them to print on different kinds of paper ... telephone book pages, kraft paper, old computer paper, maps, etc. I typically don't spell out anything ... just lay the letters out, ink them up and print! These are great to bind into a handmade journal. I'm offering a set of these on the Etsy site ... hop on over and take a look!
I don't have a drying rack, so I just clipped them to branches on a bush.
Little Daisy wants to help!


  1. Nice, I checked out your Etsy shop, like what you do. I wish it was warm enough in Minnesota to hang some art on a bush to dry! Blessings~Barb

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